Stephanie Wants To Coach You!

Stephanie Wants To Help You Live A Pain Free Endo Life

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Stephanie Wants To Coach You!

Stephanie Wants To Help You Live A Pain Free Endo Life

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The 3 Step Strategic System Designed to Create A Pain-Less Endo Lifestyle

 and .... I promise you... no more...painful procedures, countless specialists, and pointless prescriptions.
Lets stop all the pointless testing & get to the data on the 
CORRECT testing.

Have you felt like you've shared your private lady bits with all the doctors in your local area HOPING just ONE of them may have a clue what was causing your abdominal or pelvic pain.....but instead you have been told one or many times that,

"It's all in your head?"

You've searched out all the Endo "specialists" and painfully made it to every appointment, but left the office with ZERO answers and a plethora of prescriptions. And after every appointment you have felt frustrated, sad, hopeless and borderline CRAZY….because doctors keep scratching their head at you and your pain?

You used to LOVE life but now every day becomes harder and harder to merely exist?

The thought of explaining your myriad of symptoms to yet another doctor makes you want to scream and crawl back in bed with your thirteen heating pads. 

Or you found the new "specialist" in a city a couple hours away and thought this IS IT.....

And then he pulls out his prescription pad and sends you on your way...

You're just at your breaking point and ready to throw in the towel and (like I was) ready to admit defeat (do NOT do this).

Or you've thought to yourself after years of suffering you've just accepted the fact that this is the life you've been given and to make the best of it smiling through the tremendous pain and lying your way through life thinking...

❌I am a woman and this is just what we go through.

Living in PAIN is just a part of life.  

Going to doctor's appointments every week is just the "norm."

Wearing maternity pants and baggy shirts to hide your Endo Belly is an okay way to live life. 

Pain Free Sex is something you just don't get to have.

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*Cue the record scratch* and come closer so I know you can hear me.....

Seriously. NO....There IS MORE FOR YOU. 

Let's just pause and have a sip of some H.O.N.E.S.T.Y. ;)

It doesn't have to be this way for you. 


I am Stephanie Elaine,

I am a certified Life and Wellness Coach that specializes in Chronic Pain and Endometriosis.  I have been active in the fitness industry for over two decades. I am a FORMER certified Yoga instructor. I am an ordained minister.  I am the third of three daughters. I live in Sunny Florida. I am an entrepreneur.  I am a Fatal Stage Endo survivor and it is my personal mission to help women beat the battle with Endo once and FOR ALL. 


Let me take you on a trip down my memory lane. I was TWELVE when my first period came.  I was in 6th grade and I was at school. I felt like there was a monster inside of my abdomen trying to break through my skin.  I was scared and confused about how painful it was.  When I got home I told my mom and she explained that that was just part of being a woman and this is what we had to go through. 

When that period ended I had this dreadful feeling that it was going to come back the next month and for forever and this was when the trauma and anxiety associated with my period began.

I wasn't just scared...


Not only was I traumatized by the pain but my body was beginning to change with the new set of hormones. I felt OFF and ALONE. Every month, the pain INCREASED. Every year each period became more traumatizing.  Fast forward to the age of sixteen when I was legal to drive, I would swipe the bottle of ALEVE and park behind a gas station and pop the ALEVE like skittles, until I passed out from the pain or the pills.


12 Year Old Me

At 21, I had my first surgery.  After the surgery I left without any understanding of why I needed surgery and the notion of excessive scar tissue.  There wasn't a diagnosis and I was left with an added dose of hopelessness and uncertainty of what was happening inside my body. 

The pain continued to get worse as I got older.  During that time of the month I would call into work and when I would get back I would feel the shame of being sick yet again and I would lose my job. I would have to miss school or cancel plans with friends.  The shame and stress from work and disappointing my family, friends and colleagues began to weigh on me and created more stress and mental anguish. 

It became easier to isolate and bond with my own misery.  

My life revolved around my once a month attacker.  I would plan my life around that week.  I knew I just had to get through the treacherous seventy two hours and then I could hopefully go back to work.  And SMILE like nothing had just happened. You know what? I thought this was MY normal.  That this was my story. This was my so-called  Endo Life.  

Month after month.

Year after year.  







I knew pain and misery more than I knew people. And I began to hate life. I would hide behind my lie of a smile, hating life and myself and the thought of my future.  This cycle continued for 21 years. 21 TREACHEROUS. HORRIFIC. UNCONSCIONABLE years of pain, depression, disbelief, and self hatred.  

At 33, I admitted for the first time that I was DEFEATED.  I was mentally dying from the pain. I was beginning to slowly shut down and embrace death.  Three weeks later. I made one final attempt at a doctor for help. This was life saving.  But I had to painfully travel 1,128 miles to Manhattan from Florida to see this doctor. All my hope was in this small man from Turkey's hands (literally).  

When I woke up from that final surgery, I knew something changed.  I knew I would get better and I was determined to NEVER be in a hospital bed again. Two weeks later the pain STILL persisted and I made the decision I was going to find a way to never have to have another surgery again.  



I made it my personal purpose to heal myself and in turn help other Endo sisters heal as well.  That's when I dove into the books again.I began to write my new normal.  

I decided that living a life in pain was just not an option.  I began to change everything I did.  I also questioned everything I was taught. This is when the AMAZING things started happening to my mind and my body.... I began to heal.

Not just the pain, but my brain. I could THINK. You know that crazy brain fog where you feel like you're fuzzy and floating through life.  

I began to SMILE without lying to myself and others.

I knew I was discovering something and I knew I had to dig deeper so I could help as many women as possible.  That's when this mission to help other women was conceived.  

If Endo was incurable then why was my body and life changing?

Was I actually CRAZY or was there a better way to take my health and my life back?

Was I still taking copious amounts of prescriptions?

 NOPE, for the first time in a decade I quit taking every pharmaceutical prescribed to me.  

Was I seeing every specialist I could find in my city and the surrounding cities? 

No, I was becoming my own. 

Was I going through crazy painful procedures?

No ma'am. 

  • I began collecting data on my body and my life up until that point. 
  • I was re-writing my new normal and I was beginning to THRIVE again.  
  • I became selflessly selfish with my time, energy, and personal space.  
  • I began to intensively study the human body and go back to all of my herbal remedy roots.  The  more I researched and studied the more my passion grew.  
  • I went to school to become a certified Life and Wellness Coach.  
  • I was finally FREE from the cycle of my so-called Endo Life.

I knew in the core of my being this was my calling and part of my purpose on this planet.  I knew if this was working for me this was going to work for other Endo women like me. Women who were silently suffering behind their gorgeous smiles.

I began sharing my new found Endo knowledge with other Endo sisters. I was so passionate at what I was discovering, I honestly began sharing all I was learning with anyone who would listen. (Even men began hiring me based on my passion alone). So if you're in pain, suffering in shame and guilt, miserable in isolation thinking that this is just the way your life has to be... Let me be the first to tell you that is the farthest from the TRUTH. 

There is a better, easier, PAINLESS way.






Inside of Anti-Inflammation Transformation we collect your body's data & design a plan to naturally rebalance your body and your life.


We rebuild the foundations of YOUR body and YOUR LIFE.  We can't just tear down your body and order a new one off of Amazon!!!  We have to rebuild it.  Bite by bite.  Thought by thought.  Step by step. We re-write and re-build. 


Restoring your mindset is one of the secret weapons to mastering transformation.  

You can't rebuild a new foundation with the same old mindset.  By following the step by step system you will be able to embrace a healing and growth mindset that will last a lifetime.  

By implementing these 3 Simple Strategic Strategies into your life YOU WILL begin to see your transformation and pain disappear.

Anti- Inflammation-Transformation

Is the prescription you have waited and hoped your doctor would write years ago.  

✔️You'll stop wasting time and money on all the "specialist" appointments.  

✔️You'll stop having so many painful & let's be honest uncomfortable procedures. 

✔️You'll stop feeling like a guinea pig and the star of the game Operation.

✔️You'll have a clear and concise roadmap for your body and your body's needs.  

This plan is simple and effective and the results are noticeable in a very short time.  

YOU WILL FINALLY begin to Love YOU, YOUR BODY and YOUR LIFE again.  

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